Over the past several months Overwatch has been hard at work collberating with one of Northeast Pa's upcoming singer / songwriters online presence.

Shannon Marsyada was inspired at a young age by music and has worked her entire life at bringing her emotions to life through her music. While she has recorded and released several albums through the years, she has always relied on third party services to distribute her usic to the masses. Recently she wanted to have more control over how her music is sold. Thats where Overwatch was able to lend assistance. Working with Shannon we developed a webiste that would allow her to have the ability to conduct her own sales, giving her more control of the distribution as well as more profits left in her pockets. In additon Shannon now has the ability to share her video works, photos and tour dates with her fans. In the future she hopes to use the medium to share her studio experiences as she records and produces future projects.

Feel free to stop by https://shannonmarsyada.com , check out the talent of this rising star.

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13 May 2020
13 May 2020