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Why Email Signatures Matter Why Email Signatures Matter

Your email signature is a final oppertunity you have to make a statement when connecting with a potential client or corosponding with an exsisting one.

The importance of a well constructed signature can't be stressed enough.

In this article we are going to cover many of the popular do's and don't when crafting your unique email signature.


1. Limiting your signature lines to to three or four.

In this case less is more. Don't overthing it. A well constructed email signature really only needs:


Your Name

Title (Optional), Company (linked to your website)

Phone Number


Here is a basic example:


Jonathan Franklin

Network Consultant, Overwatch Technologies 



From here feel free to to customize a bit and make it your own. Remeber to not overdo it just a tocuh of class.


How to make it more personal:


1. Social media profile and to your brand.

Email Signature


Depending on the type of work and your position you may want to add a few social media icons that link back to you, either your profile or the company you work for. For example if you are a sales rep you may want to include your linkedin profile while someone who works in advertising may be more active on twitter. Again be mindful and include the social media that you are most active on as before too many can seem confusing.


2. A touch of advertising.


While staying within our three or four lines of text guideline we could add a little self promotion on an item we may want to discuss. Maybe it is a Blog that describes a service you may be offering. Or just a topic like designing a creative and effect way email signature.


Jonathan Franklin

Network Consultant, Overwatch Technologies 

123 Somewhere St, Anytown, Pa. 18222

Effective Ways To Create Email Signatures


An example of what an email signature should not look like or one that is just too busy would list every possible phone number as well as social media contact. For Example:


Jonathan Franklin
Senior Operations Manager
Sony Corperation | 351 Circlewood Ln. 17652
P: 555-345-9821
F: 555-345-9112
M: 342-645-8876
Follow Me on Twitter: www.twitter,com/jfranklin
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2. Don't use or put your email address in your signature.

It becomes redundant and we should save that valuable space for something that matters. Read more about why we shouldn't on Slate.



3. Use an image. Its memorable.

When possible try to add a touch of color to your signature. People remember images. SO why not add some memorable to your signature. The use of the company logo or even a small image of yourself in a framed border goes a long way in becoming someone your prospect would remember.


Reasearch shows that th emost memorable photos contain people so use an image of yourself if possible.


In closing your signature is an expression of you. Use it to convey a message of professionalism. In a few short lines of text you can convey a clear message or over sell yourself. Take you time and try a few different formats to find find what works best in your office,





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